90 percent villages under electricity

Around 90 percent of the country’s villages have so far come under power coverage while the government is expected to ensure 100 percent electricity to the villages by December this year.

“Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board has already brought 90 percent villages under power coverage. Activities for bringing the remaining 10 percent are underway,” Sate Minister for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Nasrul Hamid said this while replying to lawmakers’ queries at the parliament.

With the slogan “Sheikh Hasina’s initiative, electricity in every house”, BREB is working under upazila basis to provide electricity to every house. They are connecting nearly 3 lakh subscribers every month.

Responding to another question, Nasrul Hamid said that after coming to power, the present government has taken immediate, short, medium and long-term plans for the development of power sector.

Under this plan, the country’s electricity generation will reach 24,000megawatt by 2021 and 60,000MW by 2041. Now power generation capacity has increased to 18,353MW.
Nasrul Hamid said that the government has taken various steps to implement the power distribution and transmission system.

He informed that his ministry has given instruction to the respective authorities to ensure uninterrupted supply of electricity across the country during World Cup football.
There is no shortage of electricity in the country as capacity to produce electricity is higher than demand. But electricity disruption takes place sometimes due to limitations in transmission and supply networks, scarcity in gas supply and more use of air-conditions and fans in summer.

“Under these circumstances, instructions were given to monitor the electricity management to keep the power supply stable during the World Cup,” he added.
In response to another query, Nasrul Hamid informed the parliament that the government has no plan to provide gas supply through pipelines for households as the ministry is encouraging use of LP gas.