A vacation in islands of Bali

Although planning trips is not easy, most spontaneous trips are enjoyable. Bali and its neighboring islands In Indonesia are not only Entry-Visa free to Bangladeshi citizens, but also one of the top holiday destinations in the world. Surrounding Bali is the neighboring Lembongan islands with its beautiful natural peaks. Also for those who are looking for an adventurous night out can go to the Lombok islands which offer not only parties but also luxurious villas, picturesque beaches with breathtaking blue water and all kinds of water sports.

Flights to Bali (Denpasar) are through Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, the traveler will find these airports luxurious as well as reasonable. Landing in Bali and after changing money for Indonesian Rupiah there will be cash notes up to One lakh (1 BDT =166 IDR), so it is better to handle the large notes with care.  Even if one does not go through the usual procedures of a travel agent, it is quite easy to get a hold of hotels, taxis and even ride apps are available in the island. There are lots of beaches on the island from fine white sandy beaches, to even some with black sand. To name a few would be Kuta, Serminyak and Jimbaran Bay. The last one may be the one to go for if someone is in the mood for a seafood feast while enjoying the sunset.

The traveler may want to take a day trip to Nusa Penida in the Lembongan islands which not only has sandy beaches but also beautiful cliffs with the sea at the horizon which are perfect for Instagram. The journey to the islands takes around 2 hours by boat and then an hour by car. From the Kelingking T-Rex to watching Manta Rays and sacred temples, this is a must for island hopping.

For those who like to read on their holidays there is a book “Bali Raw” by Australian writer Malcolm Scott. It shows the writers own experience with Bali; fellow Australians- tourists and expats both, the fights he gets into and it at times his own perception of his life in Bali. The writer doesn’t leave out details like hitting the back of a head with Bali’s famous Bintang to hotel parties and even his experience of getting his car beaten by an angry Indonesian woman.