Cultural affairs minister Asaduzzaman Noor, Aarong founding chairman Fazle Hasan Abed attend Aarong’s 40th anniversary programme at army stadium in the capital on Thursday. Photo: BD Post

Staff Correspondent
Once women in our country was considered burden of the family, but with the change of time, women are now taking part in our development progress. In our country we now have females in responsible posts from major general to Supreme Court justice.
Cultural affairs minister Asaduzzaman Noor made this comment as the chief guest while inaugurating the ‘Aarong 40 years Festival’, aimed to promote country’s traditional arts and fashions, at army stadium in the capital on Thursday.
He said Aarong of BRAC has created a great opportunity for our village women’s to show, following our history and culture, their own creativity through designing and making art and craft products for its outlets.
Observing that Aarong is providing freedom of earning and establishing themselves in society, clearing the way to women empowerment, the minister said, “Not only this, Aarong also brought back some of our cultural and historical practices of art and craft which were in face of extinction. This is absolutely a big achievement.”
He suggested the Aarong authorities to give the craft-woman more freedom so that she can produce crafts more creatively.
Nakshi Katha is decorated in the worlds some renowned museum, we took their picture and bring in our country and draw them on paper and finally produce them into final products- said BRAC founder and Chairperson Fazle Hasan Abed.
He said, since our inception we are trying to bring back many of our lost glory and tradition. Our designs of Alpona are also on the way to demolish, with our continuous efforts we recovered 200 designs. Our hard work and dedication is continuing to uphold our traditional heritages.
We are looking forward to establish a center where every crafts of the country will be displayed. Aarong not only became a centre of crafts but it also becomes an essential part of daily life and culture of the country. Aarong gives country’s crafts, traditional lifestyle trends a commercial opportunities, and nowadays many store like Aarong has grown in the country- he added.
‘Aarong is the collaborative work of the people of Bangladesh— from women in rural areas, to master craftspersons, to designers and administrators,’ said Tamara Abed.
Aarong has grown up with the country and the festival is a celebration of that special bond, the memories of 40 years and homage to the artisans who kept the heritage alive, she said.
It is to be noted, Aarong was established in 1978 to support the lives and livelihoods of rural artisans. Over the last 40 years, it has fused traditional, indigenous country heritage with contemporary design, setting the fashion and lifestyle trends of the country.
However, it’s now support over 65000 rural artisans and handicraft producers and operates 20 retail stores.