Abahani, one of the leading sports club in the country, is one of the few clubs in the country having its own playground. The renovation project of building a sports complex fully equipped with modern facilities on its Dhanmondi field was scheduled to start three years ago. But, as the photo shows, the renovation project has been deserted in the middle of the way which is a clear negligence of the club authorities.
According to the club’s proposed plan, the complex, to be named Sheikh Kamal Krira Complex, will be divided in five sections, built on the total 25 bighas of land owned by the Abahani club.
The 726,665 square-feet complex will include a 69,223 sq-ft area set aside for the Abahani Club, an exclusive members-only health club covering 140,357 sq-ft, a convention centre covering 155,585 sq-ft, and a car parking area of 361,500 sq-ft, according to previous media reports.
Although the authorities assured that the construction work for the complex will end the shortest possible time, it stopped the construction work more than one year ago. As a result, the playground remains out of reach of dozens of local children and youths who used to play there once.

Zakia Tasnim Chowdhury