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The traffic scenario at Badda-Rampura portion of Pragati Smarani in the capital was totally different for the last two days. There was no unbearable suffering due to traffic jam which was an everyday issue for the commuters of that road. The vehicles rather plied speedily.
Locals said the severe traffic congestion on the road deceased just in a day after the inauguration of Badda U-loop.
During a spot visit at the U-loop on Monday, it was seen that the buses, CNGs and private cars coming from Rampura-Merul Badda are easily and conveniently taking u-turn through the u-loop, and moving forward Banasri, Aftabnagar or Malibagh. Moreover, the vehicles coming out of these areas are being able to go to Karwanbazar through Hatirjheel.
Chowdhury Farhan Alam, a private service holder, was going to Malibagh in a private car, getting down from the u-loop after coming out of road beside Hatijheel-Rampura bridge.
He said, “Earlier, we had to face a terrible jam while going to Rampura-Banasri coming out of Hatirjheel. But today, I u-turned my car through the u-loop without facing any traffic jam. It seems, from now I can regularly do so.”
However, many commuters are being confused due to the absence of landmarks.
Locals observed that like Hatirjheel, landmarks should be installed on the u-loop also.
On the other hand, they said, keeping no zebra crossing for the pedestrians is creating problems. Foot-over bridge could be a solution to the problem.
Mohammad Bahadur, a resident from South Badda, told this correspondent: “The u-loop brings no solace to the passersby. The passersby are at a loss how to cross the road as the zebra crossing has been closed for the u-loop. If a foot-over bridge is not built here, this u-loop which is now bringing comfort to the commuters would pave the way to terrible road mishaps.
School teacher Md Ferdous Hasan came to show the u-loop to his two children. He said, “There is no speed breaker near the u-loop. As a result, the vehicles are getting on the u-loop without controlling speed which might pave the way to severe accidents.”
Ms Bhai Bhai Steel Corporation owner Md Rabbi told this correspondent: “If the Hatirjheel crossing is closed, more vehicles would be able to use the u-loop. Traffic jam would also be decreased.”
Observing that inauguration of the u-loop has brought some problems for the local small businessmen, he said, “Earlier, they faced no problem in carrying their products from one side of the road to other. Now, they are to take the products through Link Road after going a long way.”
“Moreover, the road near the Badda Police Station has been closed also. Now, to bring necessary items, traders from one side of the road have to go a long way through Rampura bridge, causing unnecessary waste of time and money,” the local trader added.
Another small businessman Md Shah Alam fromn Swadesh Metal Works said, “No traffic police has been deployed beside the u-loop. Buses from the very first day have started stopping at both entries of the u-loop, creating traffic congestion at the mouth of the u-loop.”
To make the best use of the u-loop, we must get rid of these problems as soon as possible, he assumed.

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