PM’s ICT Affairs Adviser Sajeeb Wazed Joy addresses a function at BICC on Tuesday, to celebrate Bangabandhu Satellite-1’s launching and its two ground station’s inauguration. Photo: PMO

Prime Minister’s ICT Affairs Adviser Sajeeb Wazed Joy today said Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s name appeared ineradicable as the Bangabandhu Satellite inscribed it in the orbit, reports BSS.
“The post 1975 rulers had taken a plan to erase his name from everywhere,” Joy told a function staged to celebrate Bangabandhu Satellite-1’s launching and its ground station’s inauguration at Gazipur and Betbunia.
He added: “Now Bangabandhu’s name will be illuminated in the space which no government can erase.”
Joy expressed his delight that the country’s first ever satellite cost less than the budgetary allocation and the entire amount was spent from the national exchequer while the mission was completed within stipulated timeframe.
The premier’s adviser who led the national team for overseeing the manufacturing and launching of the satellite also spoke on its different technical aspects of Bangabandhu-1.
He said the incumbent government planned to reach the internet connections to the country’s every corner while the Bangabandhu Satellite would help connect remote islands in next two weeks which were inaccessible for broadband connections.
Joy said the development would enable all people of the country to see and know the world and enjoy music, drama and other entertainment activities across the globe. But he particularly expected the satellite to inspire student to study on space technology and in the course of time develop them in this arena.
The premier’s adviser said the satellite would save a huge amount of foreign currency providing footages to national TV channels and eradicate digital divide between the urban and rural people.
Joy said launching of Bangabandhu-1 was delayed due to cyclonic storm in Florida in December last year while such delays were observed in most cases of satellites. He said Bangabandhu Satellite earned pride for the country in the global arena while it was branded as a corrupt nation and land of militancy during the past BNP regime.
In 2006, he recalled, Bangladesh was ranked with Pakistan as a “failed state”, but now the country came out from that situation showing its success in economy, health, education and other areas and appearing as an advanced nation in South Asia.