The publication ceremony of six poetry books written by six poets was held in Jamalpur on Monday evening.
The six poets are poet Mahbub Bari, poet Baki Billah, poet Ali Zahir, poet Ahmad Aziz, poet Mehedi Iqbal and poet Md. Abdul Hai Alhadi.
Jamalpur unit of National Poetry Council organized the event at the auditorium of Jamalpur Shilpakala Academy.
Poet and researcher Dr. Mujahid Billah Faruqui chaired the function. Discussion on the poems of the poets and recitation from the poetries by the poets were also held. Poet Mahbub Bari, writer Dr. Muhammad Haider and others took part in the discussion.
Lecturer Aslam Hossain also recited his poetry after reading the poem himself, but the literary artist Hriday Lohani recited the poem.
Poet Baki Billah’s poem ‘Poetry Written Sin’ was discussed on the topic Poet Swarup Kahali. The poet recited poems from his book after reading poetry in his own autobiography, Bachik Artist Jayashree Ghosh.
Professor Jawadul Haque discussed the poems of poet Zaheer Zaheer’s ‘Big Jar Hai’. Poetry writer Manasi Goswami recited poems from her book.
Kabir Ali Zahir suddenly got sick and could not attend the meeting. Monowar Hossain Murad discussed the poetry books of poet Ahmad Aziz’s ‘white paper house’. The poet recited his poems after poetry reciting poetry.
Poetical poet Asad Ansari recited his poems. Poet Mehedi Iqbal’s poem ‘Poetry of broken river’ written on poetry book written by poet Md. Abdul Hye Alhadi, read the
discussion after reading the poet Ashraf Us Salehin, after reading poetry in his own words, poetry writer Rabiul Islam Rasel recited from his book.
Poet and researcher Dr. Kabir discussed the poems written in the regional language written by Kabi Abdul Hai Alhadi, in a regional language written in different language. Mujahid Billah Faruqui recited poetry and poetry from his book after reading the book himself, Farzana Islam.
President of the program Ashok Mahmud College Principal and poet Professor Dr. Mujahid Billah Farooqi recited a poem written in the regional language of Jamalpur after concluding his president’s speech.
Jamalpur branch general secretary Poet Shafiq Zaman conducted the program.

Jamalpur Correspondent