Books to read during Eid vacation

While many prefer to roam around the city or visit relatives, friends during Eid, some prefer to stay indoors and spend a leisurely few days. If you belong to the latter group of individuals who prefer to spend Eid vacations curled up on bed with a cup of coffee and books, the following list of books may just be the ideal reads for you. The genres vary so does the stories but no doubt that these books will satiate your thirst for quality books for the holidays.


Daho contains short stories – a writer who is intimate and smiling, as well as bold and impersonal. In the unmatched knitting technique of short stories, he did not necessarily indicate the sharp life and the truth of the world; mild-but sharp and unpopular. The writer wrote a hierarchy of unspeakable vocabulary from a little hide.


Sultan is a legendary man in the field of art and culture in this country. His life is more exciting than the novel. He had an exceptional personality, diverse life style, and artistic style of absolute uniqueness, with many curiosity and surprises. Even though biographical, the novel is written in full swing which has attracted the attention of readers while it was published in the magazine. The story revolves around the artist Sultan, it also describes the events of six decades, as well as the hopes of a person and a social life and the path of friendship.

In The Light Of What We Know

“An astonishing creation, Rahman used his novel to portray the class consciousness, knowledge and address of the people – the point of contact between these three are written in details… each page brings the reader to have deep thoughts and each is an intense storyteller,” says James Wood from New York, about the book.

On the morning of September 1, 2008 – the month of the Great Investment Bank Lehman Brothers and the whole world, when seen in a gloomy global financial crisis, a young man with an intriguing last-minute look, appeared at the notice of his old friend’s house in London. It took some time to recognize the stranger, because the people, the British, the name Jafar, suddenly disappeared a few years ago. Zafar began his miserable episode, his whole life story, started the honorable Pakistani friend who was born in America. The explosive story breaking the seclusion of London’s house is as much as friendship, love, shame, guilt, betrayal and neurosurgery, that’s the main face of this world, our unrest in this century.


Afsan Chowdhury is known to readers as a writer and researcher, especially in the profound insight of the social issues related to English and the competence has given him the reputation of the journalist. The book is Afsan Chowdhury’s first Bengali novel. Eminent author Akhtaruzzaman Ilias said that through his book, Afsan Chowdhury has touched the life of the fluttering and exhausted people who feel the need to survive and those whose liberation struggle continues to shake.

In ‘Bisshashghatakgan’, Afsan awakened the reader to out throne those who claim their blue-blooded ancestry and create new identities from the regular people. He instigated the readers to engage in aggressive search to feel the immense potential of the people.
Afsan Chowdhury is a media worker, researcher, professor and development expert. The trilingual author’s main interest lies in the history of liberation war. He has also created multiple documentaries.