DSCC boasts

Mahadi Hasan Badhon

Mayor celebrates 3rd anniv in office

Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) boasts of offering its dwellers a descent urban living as it celebrates on Saturday the third anniversary of the term of current Mayor Mohammad Sayeed Khokon.
The DSCC took up many projects involving Tk 1,181.31 crore for the development of the area, of which Tk568.55 crore has already been spent to complete a number of projects. Some other projects at a cost of Tk612.76 crore are in progress.
“Eighty-five percent of the development works of DSCC was implemented over the past three year”, Mayor Mohammad Sayeed Khokon said while addressing a press conference held at his office marking the third anniversary of his assumption of office.
In the past three years, DSCC built and renovated 473.24 kilometers roads, 112.48 kilometers footpaths, and 469.96 Kilometers canals while construction work on more 259.61 kilometers roads, 261.85 kilometers drain and 51.51 kilometers footpaths is going on in full swing.
The DSCC has set up some 37979 LED bulbs to light up the city, which has been playing important role in controlling crime at night and safety of the city dwellers.
Besides, the corporation has taken up a project titled ‘Jolsobuje Dhaka’ to bring the open spaces under greenery coverage through massive plantations as the capital is getting denuded of its greeneries due to unplanned development works.

The corporation will revive and renovate 31 parks, playgrounds and beautify foot bridges and main thoroughfares with trees and flowering plants.
Besides, the DSCC is focusing on bringing most houses under rooftop gardening by encouraging people with a 10 percent holding-tax rebate and providing logistic supports.

Some 560 on-street parking zones have been launched to reduce the traffic jam in eight areas of the city while 400 kilometers of canals and drains have been revived.
DSCC has also focused on environmental protection. As of April 2018, 7063 trees were planted in last three years.
To upgrade the capability of the engineering department, DSCC has purchased ultra-modern cold milling machine, which is capable of constructing one kilometer of roads in seven hours.
DSCC has achieved considerable success in controlling mosquitoes; and it has provided free treatment to the Chikungunia affected people at home after receiving appeal through call centres.
Ten Secondary transfer Station (STS) has been constructed, which is playing an important role in refining 10 tonnes of waste everyday form 800 hospitals, clinics and other healthcare organisations.
Construction work on the thirteen 10-storey apartment buildings for the cleaners of DSCC is about to finish.
To generate electricity from the waste, DSCC has adopted “Matuail sanitary landfill extension and land development project” at a cost of Tk. 725 crore, which has already been  approved by ECNEC.
To take quick action and strengthen the preparation against disasters like earthquake ‘Dhaka Earthquake and Emergency Preparedness (DEEP)’ project is under implementation in association with Red Crescent Society. Population Service and Training Centre (PSTC) are also under implementation to increase the disaster tolerance in the city.
DSCC has proposed a project titled ‘Dhaka Urban Upgrading Project’ to protect and beautify the riverbanks of Buriganga, Kamrangichar, Lalbag, Sutrapur, Nayabazar and different areas of the city.
City dwellers have already started enjoying the benefits of these projects and development work that have been completed and they will get the benefits of ongoing projects very soon.