The old ‘risky trees’ are going to face the axe to ensure they do not topple during storms.
Such a move, taken by the city corporation authorities to thwart fatality during rainstorm, is going to see the success to some extent for sure as, ironically; the age-old trees have no muscle to defy the mindless act.
Almost all the city corporations and municipalities across the country have been slapping `insecure’ notice on dilapidated buildings that pose a threat to life. Now, it wants to do the same with trees.
Hardly any unsafe building is razed by the civic body until it collapses and at times causes deaths, but trees will be axed to ensure they are not uprooted under the impact of storms.
The trees in different places, along with roads and road breakers, have collapsed in the capital due to recent nor’westers.
Khan Mohammad Bilal, chief executive officer of the Dhaka South City Corporation admitted to Bangladesh Post that one of the primary reasons for the collapsing of trees is the flawed pavement beautification process.

“Indiscriminate digging of pavement for various reasons and cutting branches of roots make trees vulnerable during inclement weather. Also, when paving is done till the edge of the trunk, water is unable to percolate down for the roots to absorb and nourish the tree. Over the time, it becomes weak. Also, there is unscientific pruning,” he said.

Environmentalists said one of the reasons for trees falling down in mild storms is planting roadside trees without soil test. Therefore, it is necessary to plant trees in scientific method.
Plant science expert and professor of Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University Prof Dr Kamal Uddin Ahmed insecure trees have to be identified with a lot of care and caution and the follow-up action, too, needs to be decided on a case-to-case basis.
But a judicious implementation of this idea can save the city’s trees and also stop accidents.