Alliance Française de Dhaka is going to organize an art exhibition titled ‘Displaced in Dhaka’ by Kuntal Barai at La Galerie from 4-19 May.
A number of studies state that Dhaka has reached the peak of criticality with its unplanned growth. Overpopulation, traffic congestion, “development” sprees, and insanitary conditions have reached an all-time high. Where for a select few who can bear the brunt of a megalopolis gone haywire, but the majority of Dhakaites do not find Dhaka a safe haven anymore.
Kuntal Barai said, “My project is a survey of all of these and more. As an artist my work takes into account the chaos as well as the sense of loss we have developed over the years. Still I believe there is an organic form of life in this chaos through which a new vision may one day burst into view.”
“Therefore, my work neither is a mere depiction of the lived experience nor is it only an interpretation where the real has been dissolved into conventional aesthetic standards. It is in fact a mixture of both,” he concluded.
The opening of the exhibition will be held on Friday, May 4 at 5.30pm.