Higher Number of Skilled Workers Needed

Every year more than five lakh students graduate from public and private universities and yet many remain unemployed for years. The two million labours which enter the market every year, most become unemployed eventually or hold temporary jobs. According to United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), in Bangladesh, seven million workers remain underutilized every year.

According to experts, there is a ‘structural mismatch’ between jobs available and the number of skilled workers. In spite of having vacancies, many remain unemployed because say that they can’t find jobs and when employers are asked, they say they can’t find the right kind of skilled workers.

The Finance Minister said during his budgetary speech for FY 18-19 that, the reason why experts from neighbouring countries are seen in managerial positions is that Bangladesh lacks in skilled manpower. This shows that the education provided these days are more quantity based and not quality based which does not match the requirement of the job market. Bangladesh is currently going through a period of demographic dividend and this window of opportunity is likely to shut down by 2051. Therefore, the country needs to make use of its potential youth or else they will become a national as well as economic burden.

Therefore, in order to increase the number of skilled workers, the government can emphasize on vocational training for all students as well as ensure quality education which will train the students for future job opportunities.