Horinmara Kundo Waterfall


Horinmara waterfall, mostly known as Horinmara Kundo Waterfall, has a beautiful basin underneath with pristine green water that was slightly colder.
Horinmara is a Bengali term which means deer hunting. Once upon a time this place was full of wild deers. Those deers used to come to this waterfall and drink water and local hunter took their lives. Probably this is the reason of the name of this place.
Horinmara Kundo Waterfall is an eye-catching several steps of fall along a basin underneath it where the water directly fall.
The waterfall is located in Mirsharai under Chittagong district, near a local market named Choto Komoldoho Bazar. From there it will take 30 minutes by autos to reach close to the waterfall. Within 30 minutes travelers can enjoy the dancing waterfall.
Travelers should complete their visit to that waterfall before sunset. As there is short of safe drinking water, one should keep drinking water before starting the trail. Tourism destination is assets of the country. To protect ecological site, the authority suggests everyone not to throw empty water bottle, food box.