For anyone meeting him after a few years, the calmer demeanor of actor Saif Ali Khan is apparent. “I don’t remember what I used to be like but it’s a process that I think started many years ago. It must be to do with satisfaction and peace at home and my life,” says Khan at the very onset of the interview. He adds that creative satisfaction also has a big role to play.
“Even while doing films under big production banners, that gave me name and fame, I didn’t enjoy acting as much as I’m enjoying now. I don’t know if the films have changed or I have changed. Maybe, everything is happening at the same time,” he says.
Saif is looking forward to the response that he will receive for his film ‘Baazaar’. Set against the backdrop of the stock market, it has Khan playing the lead character of Shakun Kothari. “My role in the film is that of a ruthless Gujarati businessman who trades without any respect for long-standing companies. Wherever he sees a weakness, he tries to exploit it. The character is very talkative, which challenged the boundaries of running dialogues. It’s a story of good versus evil, but that also depends which side you’re on,” he says.
For someone who has been in the industry for over two decades, he has seen the changes very closely. When he started out, he says, all the top talent was in advertising and they looked down upon films. Now, he feels, a film set offers a higher creative environment. “There has been an enormous change in art direction. All the good cameramen and production designers are now in films,” he says.
The actor also feels that the industry is inching towards more gender parity. “As society and economy improve, films will reflect that. There has been a huge change in the roles available and more parity,” says Khan.
Recently seen in the web series ‘Sacred Games’ on Netflix, the actor feels new platforms also allow you to reach a wider audience. “The medium enables you to tell longer stories. The approach is also more international,” he says. With numerous movies lined up, including ‘Tanaji’ and ‘Hunter’, Khan feels recent months have been rather hectic and a break is long-pending. “It’s very tiring if you put your heart and soul into it. I would like to take two-three months off — I think next year,” says Saif Ali Khan.
Source: The Indian Express