The world’s second tallest building is going to be constructed in Bangladesh.
Dhaka is going to be the proud owner of the 142-storey Icon Tower which is coming up in the capital’s Purbachal area.
The countrymen have now all the reason to blow their own trumpet as many developed countries, like USA do not have such a sky-reaching tower.
The PowerPac-Kajima Consortium, having 70 years of expereince, got the job to build the tower at Purbachal New Town.
Burj Khalifa, Dubai, is the tallest skyscraper in the world which is 828-metre tall with 163 floors. The Shanghai Tower, which is a 632-metre tall with 128 floors, will move to the third position with the construction of the Purbachal Iconic Tower.
As the first-ever in South Asia, the proposed high-rise building will symbolise the country’s rapid development.
Now there is no bar to beginning the construction of the ‘Iconic Tower’ in the wake of the Rajuk’s final decision to lease out 100 acres of land at the Central Business District area of Purbachal.
Accordingly, the developers are taking all necessary preparations to begin the construction work of the high-rise building.
The iconic skyscraper will have all facilities like hotels, theatres and malls to modernise Dhaka’s skyline.
Besides, there will be an international standard stadium with a capacity of 50 thousand viewers, a super model modern convention centre with a capacity of 10 thousand people, a world standard university, an international standard medical college and hospital, Eco-park and a golf course training centre for the development of Golf are also in plan.
Earlier, housing and public works minister Eng Mosharraf Hossain said, “It’s high time to focus on apartment-based projects rather than plot-based ones to help materialise the government’s vision to ensure affordable housing for all by 2021.”
Internationally reputed an American consultancy firm Nedle incorporation also expressed interest to build the Icon Tower.

Earlier, PowerPac Holdings Limited, the largest infrastructure development company, a concern of Sikder Group of Bangladesh and USA-based ‘Strategic Global Management Incorporate’ and several other firms also took part in the bidding. The project will be undertaken under Public-Private Partnership.
About 100 acres of land have been identified for a multi-storey named ‘Iconic Tower’ with 100-142 storeys under private sector, having world-class accommodation for both commercial and administrative use at the proposed Central Business District (CBD), Sector 19 of ‘Purbachal Newtown project’ of Rajuk.
Rajuk invited tender for leasing out this land on July 17 last year and the auction was held on September 7 the same year. The consortium named ‘PowerPac-Kajima Consortium’, formed jointly with PowerPac Holdings Limited, the country’s largest infrastructure development company under Public-Private Partnership, a concern of Sikder Group of Bangladesh and Japan-based ‘Kajima Corporation and USA-based ‘Strategic Global Management Incorporate’ took part in the auction.
“PowerPac-Kajima Consortium’ gave the highest rate for each acre of land and the process of evaluating the technical capability of the consortium is now underway.
The ‘Kajima Corporation’, the second-largest construction company of Japan and 19th in the world and having more than 100 years’ experience in building construction has been the partner of ‘PowerPac’. According to the terms of the auction, there must be at least 35 lakh ‘Buildup area’ for each 200-metre building, where the 205-metre Grand Tokyo North and South Tower of ‘Kajima Corporation’ has a 36.83 lakh square feet ‘Buildup area’.
Wealth of at least $150 million is sought in the auction where the ‘PowerPac-Kajima Consortium’ has wealth worth over $17.13 billion. Besides, the capability of supplying money is sought at least $50 million where PowerPac has the capacity to supply more than $229 million and Kajima Corporation has the capacity of more than $2.7 billion.
‘Kajima Corporation’ has a research institute of 70 years old where the required experience is only 20 years. It has long experience in constructing earthquake-tolerant buildings.
Established in 1949, Sikder Group also has a long experience in constructing multi-storeyed buildings. During the 1970s and 1980s, Sikder Group was recognised several times by the World Bank (WB) because of its successful completion of different building projects. Presently, the Sikder Group is an active partner of multiple projects being implemented under PPP.