The country’s electronics giant ‘Walton’ started export of its ‘Made in Bangladesh’ labeled home appliances to Uganda, an East African country.
Initially, Walton exported its produced blender and its spare parts to the East African country. The local brand will export other home appliances like rice cooker, gas stove and so on to Uganda very soon.
The export-quality home appliances are produced in Walton Micro-Tech Corporation Limited at Chandra in Gazipur in accordance with the international standard.
On July 31, 2018, a container loaded with Walton-made home appliances shipped out for Uganda from Chattagram Port. The Tamales, headquartered in Uganda’s capital Kampala, is the sole distributor of Walton home appliances.
Mentionable, Walton made fridges, air-conditioners, laptops and other sorts of electronics and electrical appliances are being exported to Nigeria and Sudan. Now, Uganda has been added to the list of Walton products importing countries among the African countries. “It’s a great milestone towards the positive branding of Made in Bangladesh in the global arena”, industry insiders said.
Uganda is a developing East African country. There is a colossal market for electronic, electrical and home appliances, specially for the Bangladesh made products.
Uganda’s entrepreneurs prefers Walton brand to other brand products for their price competitiveness and highest standard.
Faisal Ahmed, first senior assistant director of International Marketing (Home Appliances) of Walton Group, said, earlier they sent the samples of some Walton home appliances like blender to Uganda.
Then those samples were tested in lab. Later, Uganda National Bureau has given approval for importing Walton made home appliances being satisfied on the products’ highest standard, he noted.
In the lab test, Walton home appliances were found durable, lucrative and world-class quality, he said adding, thus The Tamales imported spare parts, along with the finished products. By exporting home appliances to Uganda, Walton has reached a significant position in expanding its export market among the African countries, he added. Already, buyers of some other African countries like Kenya, South Africa, Ghana and Somalia showed their interest in importing home appliances from Bangladesh, he said.
Uday Hakim, deputy executive director of Walton Group said, Walton has moved one step ahead towards grabbing the potential African market through exporting home appliances to Uganda.
In the near future, Walton would turn into a premier brand in the African region like the Bangladesh market, he noted.
Md Atiqul Islam, chief coordinator of Walton Home Appliances, said, demands for Walton appliances are gearing up remarkably in the local market.

Staff Correspondent