Makeup ideas for this Eid

The excitement of Eid is now almost around the corner and everyone is anxious about completing the preparations for Eid. For women, there is always this rush to find the perfect dress and accessories to stand out and make a statement. However, a true statement can’t be made without a perfect makeup look.

Irrespective of the weather you might be facing this year, we have assembled some great makeup trends that have made a great impact in 2018 that you can copy for Eid and get some really appreciative glances from everyone.
Here are a few pointers that will greatly help you:

•    In case you live in areas with hot temperature, go for powdery cosmetics instead of oily and liquid ones.
•    It is better to throw attention to one feature at a time, so either go for a bold lip or a smouldering eye look.
•    Always use moisturizer and primer to create a perfectly flawless base for makeup.

Bold lip colours with a shiny and glassy look are making their way into 2018 as well and will continue to rule this year. For Eid, it would be a delightful change to go for bold lipstick colours like maroon, red, raspberry and blueberry side of the spectrum.
With more and more celebrities and fashion bloggers incorporating a natural no-makeup look, it would be interesting to try this very refreshing and wholesome makeup look for Eid this year. This look is perfect for daytime as it gives you that perfect glowy skin with minimal layers of makeup. The idea behind this look is enhancing your features without concealing them with a lot of makeup products.
Foundation and concealer play an important role in this look, as they give you that that clear and dewy skin.

This year violet eyes have made a grand entrance on the fashion week ramp after Pantone declaration of Ultraviolet as the colour of the year for 2018 and fashion bloggers have also used this look with great appreciation. This look doesn’t warrant that the colour appears in your Eid dress and you can use this look for whatever attire you choose to wear this year.
Neon coloured liners are all the rage this year.

A neon-coloured liner will instantly emphasize your eyes in the most charming way and create an electric feel perfect for Eid. You can go minimal neon by just using a liner or go for a bold look with neon eye shadow. Glittering eyes are now taking a front seat so grab your glittery eye shadows and dab your eyelids with beautiful shades of glitter.