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With 4,44,906 people finding jobs abroad this year, a total of 56,43,820 male and female Bangladeshi workers got overseas employment from 2009 to July 29, 2018, reports BSS.
An official of the ministry concerned said the government has taken a realistic plan to exploit the potentials of a booming overseas Bangladesh manpower market, which has been declared as a thrust sector.
He said Bangladesh sent 10,08,525 workers with overseas jobs last year and the dispatch of overseas Bangladeshi workers witnessed a phenomenal growth with the figure reaching 56,43,820 from January 2009 to July 29, 2018, the official added.
Earlier, Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment Minister Nurul Islam BSc said that the present government had sent workers to 169 countries as a result of its successful labour diplomacy under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.
“Efforts are underway to explore new labour markets all over the globe and the government has set up technical training centres at district headquarters to produce skilled and semi-skilled workers,” Islam said.
He said the government has reduced migration cost and providing necessary training to workers to send skilled manpower abroad and as a result the remittance inflow increased gradually.
“We’ve been working to ensure the rights and protection of the female migrant workers following the directives of the PM,” the minister added.
He said the government has a mission to ensure welfare and rights of expatriate Bangladeshis and development of the socioeconomic conditions of the country through overseas employment.
According to data in the ministry, the government has set up 70 training centres in different districts of the country to turn the manpower into skilled and semi-skilled forces.
The government provided various trainings including diploma in ship building engineering, refrigeration and air-conditioning, general mechanics, electrical machine maintenance, auto CAD 2D and 3D, welding (6G), catering, mason, Korean, Arabic, canton, Japanese language and others.