Product Preview: ASUS X407 and X507


The new ASUS X407 and X507 which could be the best value for money 14-and 15-inch laptops available, or arguably the most stylish ones for their highly affordable price points. Over the past few months, ASUS has had a total redesign of its entire laptop range, and even this – the most affordable X507 and X407 models – have also been given a fresh new look.

Available in neatcolors with a new brushed metalfinish on their lids, the ASUSX407 and X507 have never looked better.They are packed with Intel’s 6th to 7th generation Core i U-series processors and with options to havethe latest NVidia MX110 discrete GPU.
The X507 features alarge 15.6-inch display, and the X407, a 14 inch display. Both models feature ultra-thin, “Nanoedge” side display bezels that maximize their screen sizes while minimizing their body size.

Both the X407 andX507 feature a new industrial design with the following highlights:
The 1.42kg X407 and 1.68kg X507 (SSD model) are very lightweight considering their large respective display sizes.

The new industrial design of the X407 / X507 has a keyboard that incorporates a distinctive dimpled textured surface around the key area and an attractive looking, subtle wave-like curve at the top edge where the display hinges are. The palm rest area shares the same elegant brushed metal finish as the laptop’s lid. The power button has also been neatly integrated to appear as a keyboard key on the top right corner. In Bangladesh market now the “Star Grey” color is available.