Bangladesh has already written her name in satellite era. Bangabandhu satellite is now ready to start its commercial activities. To operate its activities, earth station of Bangabandhu Satellite-1 situated at Gazipur has been inaugurated Yesterday and thus it is hoped that the satellite will start providing services from August- September. The opening of the earth station in Gazipur has increased the possibility to see the benefits of the satellite very quickly.
The earth station monitors satellite’s movement and measures its activities. It is a ground-based receiving or transmitting station in a satellite communications system. The counterpart to the earth station is the satellite in orbit, which is the “space station.” Earth stations use dish-shaped antennas, the diameters of which can be under two feet for satellite TV to as large as fifty feet for satellite operators.
Gazipur ground station is tracking and controlling the satellite. It is testing the full system. After successful completion of tracking and testing of the satellite, it will be ready to go for full-fledged operation.
With the opening of this satellite earth station, it’s a step ahead for Bangladesh towards technological, social and economic development.
Currently, television channels of the country are being operated with satellite rentals from different countries including Singapore. For this, the expenditure is approximately 125 crore taka. Cost will be reduced when Bangabandhu Satellite will start giving services.
At the same time the country’s money will remain in the country.There is also the possibility of foreign currency earnings by renting satellite waves. It could give the nation dedicated emergency telecom services on unexpected natural disasters time when all other service goes off and make the people aware of the upcoming natural disaster.