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Shwapno, one of the the largest and top ranking superstore chain shop of the country has strived to improve people’s lifestyle by ensuring availability of safe food supplies.
Under this initiative, Shwapno became a member of Global G.A.P. (, in 2016. With the guidance of Global G.A.P, Shwapno built a network for the farmers, at various parts of the country and started to train
them on proper agricultural cultivation by correctly using fertilizers and pesticides at the right time. This resulted in the creation of “Shuddho” a brand owned by Shwapno where the trained farmers, using fertilizers and pesticides to cultivate fruits and vegetables by following PHI (Pre Harvest Interval) in the proper manner, and send them to Shwapno.
This was highlighted at a roundtable in the capital on Tuesday.
Dr. Kristian Moeller, Chief Executive Officer of Global G.A.P. recently came to Bangladesh to see Shwapno’s activities. In his honour, Shwapno organised a round table discussion on “Good Agricultural practices for ensuring Food Safety”.
IDCL Managing Director and President of Marketing Society of Bangladesh, Ashraf Bin Taj, Executive Director of ACI Logistics Ltd Sabbir Hasan Nasir, Director and CEO of Agriplus Ltd, Sardar Ali Mortuza and member of the Bangladesh Food Safety Authority, Prof. Dr. Md. Iqbal Rouf Mamun, among others, spoke at the roundtable moderated by Daily Star Business Editor Sajjadur Rahman with participation of Daily Star Editor and Publisher Mahfuz Anam.

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