Transplantation of Transplanted Aman (T-Aman) rice seedlings continues in full swing in Rajshahi region. The farmers are passing busy time with transplanted Aman farming in the region amid favourable weather and sufficient rainfall.
Local agriculture officials said that the current weather remains favourable and helps the farmers’ completing transplantation of T-Aman seedlings on time.
BSS adds: Amid frequent rainfall the enthusiastic farmers are now very busy transplanting T-Aman seedlings everywhere in the region including its vast Barind tract.
Sources in the Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) said plantation of T-Aman seedling is going on successfully and the fixed target is expected to be achieved within the permissible time.
“Prevailing conducive weather is helping the farmers in transplanting T- Aman seedlings this season,” said SM Mustafizur Rahman, additional director of DAE.
Frequent moderate to heavy rainfalls are helping them in this regard and the concerned government departments including the DAE are providing all necessary assistances to them. The DAE official said Barind Multipurpose Development Authorities (BMDA) is ready to provide supplementary irrigation if required.
In addition, the farmers are keeping thousands of their shallow tube wells ready for supplementary irrigation if any drought situation occurs during the transplantation and farming period of the major cereal crop in the region, he said.
The farmers have already prepared seedbeds on more than 19,184 hectares of lands in the region this time. They cultivate more than 29 high yielding, two hybrid and nine local and indigenous varieties during the Aman season and more or less 15 of those are very much popular among the farmers, said ATM Rafiqul Islam, deputy MANAGER (Agriculture) of BMDA.
He said the farmers hope for a better yield from Aman cultivation, as the cultivation of Aman paddy requires less cost compared to other crops because rain water comes as the bounty of nature.
Farmers Shariful Islam and Nur Muhammad and many others today told BSS that they are not facing any problem in plantation of T-Aman seedlings as they experience sufficient seasonal rainfall.

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