(Episode 3)
Continuation from yesterday
And immediately in a low voice: “We received an order prohibiting any active action.”
“Be silent. Lieutenant! You will have to follow my orders.”
“Target locked. Height five, remoteness thirty.”
The chronometer is engaged.
Two minutes… One minute…
Thirty seconds… Ten seconds…
“If we manage to bring it down and get our hands on this thing. no one will remember the order wasn’t followed.” Beginner’s luck itself played into the hands of the colonel, who had already lost hope of an upsurge. Dynamics reported the roar of rocket engines. Ears popped.
“Interceptor beam!”
“What the hell? What’s the other ray?”
“The rocket has changed course… It has entered a loop…”
“Rectify the trajectory,” the colonel looked at the radar screen in amazement. – “It can’t be.”
But the warning siren howled. A powerful missile explosion destroyed the launcher, and together with it the entire command post of the separate anti-aircraft unit…
Mr. Sobatero, with unusual excitement, announced the opening of an emergency meeting of the UN General Session. An old fox of international intrigue, he evasively expressed his concern about the “unexpected” exercises of US space forces, on a planetary scale, with the use of unprecedented types of offensive weapons.
He played his role well.
“Further explanations from the US Secretary of Defense.”
The minister, who was seated (not fighting, the UN Secretary-General thought to himself) had a dense physique. The extremely confident minister came to the session in a dress uniform; and behind his dark glasses, it was impossible to “read” his eyes. In chopped phrases, he told about a possible space threat from aliens, and the determination of US readiness to protect all people of the Earth from any uninvited guests. “We are, at any time, ready to take the most responsible decision. However, to begin with,” he asked representatives of UN member states, “don’t use weapons against the “unidentified flying objects”. It’s dangerous,” he said. At the directives of the minister, on the big screen, a video showed an allegedly “provoked attack” of an anti-aircraft missile; an unknown force throwing it back toward the launcher. After a violent outburst, one of the command posts of air defense turned into smoking ruins. “However, we have the strength to resist,” explained the minister. “The governments of the countries concerned are already working under the general supervision of the US generals…”
In a well-lit hall of a huge anti-nuclear bunker, on a huge plasma screen on the north side of the room, Dr. Gregory Robinson saw many of his colleagues. Their research was somehow connected with military developments. “Now let’s see how you guys work under the conditions of a global crisis. This is not a time for you to build theories. ”
Gregory looked at the tall, dark-skinned general.
“The US government thanks everyone for your prompt arrival in this time of crisis. As a superpower, we are responsible for the full and effective protection of the Earth from the encroachments of extraterrestrial beings; no matter their mentality.”
“So, this is not an exercise?”
“Unfortunately, gentlemen,” replied General Frisch, “we were attacked by ‘unidentified flying objects.’ They came from space unexpectedly and were not seen in time by our instruments. The diameter of some of the flying objects is almost half a mile, the thickness about nine hundred feet. There are a lot of them, I mean a lot, they have practically surrounded the whole planet. Sadly, we still can’t establish contact with them.”
“And how have you tried to do this?”
The question was asked by astrophysicist Paige, Don Paige of NASA.
“We send special radio signals in a specific sequence. Of course, this is also included in the communication system and laser beams”.
“And if the approaching “guests’” technology differs from ours?”
“We are the military. We look at everything from the point of view of security.”
“Are the guests armed?”
“Undoubtedly,” General Frisch answered. – “At least one of the objects that invaded Earth’s space managed to dispose of the missile sent to it, by targeting it with some kind of energy ray. Perhaps they, I mean the “guests”, somehow reprogrammed the controls of the rocket.”
“Well, this is a clear warning,” Dr. Robinson, with the approval of the general, turned to the audience. “They made it clear to us that we have no chances for an armed solution to the problem, so we should not waste time. We must now discuss immediately all possibilities for the salvation of our planet and its inhabitants.”
“Well said, Dr. Robinson,” General Frisch shook his hand. “Our laboratories have long been at work. I invite everyone who is related to the problem to descend to the special bunker. I’m sure your knowledge will be very useful to us. General coordination of the work is entrusted to me, but we will be in constant communication with the Minister of Defense and the President.”
The agitated scientists ran for the elevators.
“And you, Mr. Robinson, and Mr. Paige stay.”
He leaned toward the scientists and said, carefully pronouncing the words:
“The Pentagon has connected the huge capacities for the analysis of data on the scanning of flying objects in different ranges, with the applications of all new systems of antimissile and space defense. We ask you, Dr. Robinson, to lead these urgent studies as the leading scientist in this field. And on you, Dr. Paige, lie all hopes of deciphering the signals we receive.”
“Perhaps they are communicating with someone else?”
“That’s what we are afraid of. God bless us.”
The first thing Dr. Gregory Robinson ordered was the processing of the data obtained from scanners that were on artificial satellites. Carbon and any of its compounds inside the flying apparatus were completely absent. This didn’t surprise Dr. Robinson.
(To be continued)