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Pedestrians and drivers alike need to abide by the traffic rules

While ascertaining the reasons behind the violation of traffic rules, we often omit our responsibilities by blaming the unskilled and uneducated drivers only. But blame can be directed at the educated society too if the current situation is attentively observed. Are these uneducated drivers responsible for violating the traffic rules only? Of course they are. Many of our educated citizens also violate traffic rules blatantly.

We often say that life is valuable than time but, in reality, people seem to prefer being on time even if it means violating traffic rules. People are often seen hurriedly crossing roads with schoolchildren without realizing that a little carelessness can cause an accident. Though the government has built foot overbridges in important places, pedestrians prefer to cross roads illegally. Most of the times we see bikers making u-turns at the wrong corners which not only creates traffic congestion but also puts lives of the bikers themselves at risk.

In order to save time, even cars and bikes are also seen using the wrong sides, though they are aware of the traffic rules. These types of reckless driving may also be responsible for road accidents. It is frequently seen that cars and
motorcycles are plying on the wrong side of the road and the drivers unaware of their careless behaviour.

Therefore, it is high time that educated people of our society need to think about their own responsibilities and perform them accordingly so that it can inspire others to maintain traffic rules. This does not mean the uneducated drivers of buses and minibuses and tempos, most often not having a legal driving licence, should be given a clean chit.