Staff Reporter
Since last week, a good quantity of winter vegetables have started reaching the kitchen markets of the capital but the prices are still out of the reach of people with limited incomes.
During visits at the capital’s wholesale and retail kitchen markets on Friday, it was found that new potatoes were selling at Tk 120-140 per kilogramme (kg) while the old ones were Tk 25-30 a kg.
At Karwanbazar wholesale kitchen market, per bunch of spinach was selling at Tk 14-15 on Friday which sold at Tk 4-5 during the same period last winter. The price of the same bunch increases to even Tk 25-30 after reaching the retail market.
Aminul Islam, a wholesale spinach trader at Karwanbazar, said, “Spinach that is selling today (Friday) was cultivated in advance, the quantity is also less. That’s why, the price is high.”
The prices of monsoon vegetables have also jumped this week comparing to that of last week. Prices of eggs are high while onion prices have decreased a little. Prices of broiler chickens, beef and fish are slightly less than they were earlier.
Of the winter vegetables that reached the markets, bean, cauliflower, cabbage, potato, onion leaves and radishes are mentionable.
At Mirpur-6 kitchen market, one kg of bean was selling at Tk 120 on Friday while vendors were selling medium sized cauliflower at Tk 60 per piece, cabbage at Tk 40 a piece, new potato at Tk 140 per kg, onion leaves at Tk 80 a kg, and radish at Tk 60 per kg.
Besides, fresh round and long brinjal price was Tk 70-80 per kg, and fresh local cucumber was Tk 70 per kg while okra, luffa and snake gourd all were sold at Tk 50-60 per kg. Green papaya and string beans were selling at Tk 30 and Tk 60 per kg respectively.
Vendors at Mirpur-6 kitchen market claimed that fresh vegetables coming from adjacent areas of the capital are sold here. That’s why prices are a little high.
Mafizur Rahman, a buyer at the market, said, “Different kinds of winter vegetables are already available in Dhaka’s kitchen market, but prices of every vegetable seem Tk 20-25 higher than they were in the previous week.
Prices of vegetables are comparatively lower at Karwanbazar where per kg bean was sold at Tk 80, cauliflower at Tk 30-50 basing on size, cabbage at Tk 25-30, and radish at Tk 30.
Malabar, water and red spinach was available in markets this week. In the last week daikon spinach, spinach and jute leaves have been added also. Daikon spinach and jute leaves prices, with Tk 10-12 retail price per bunch, are comparatively lower. Malabar spinach was selling at Tk 20-25 in retail markets while red and water spinach was comparatively cheaper, being sold at Tk 8-10 per bunch at retail markets.