Fuel loading of Akademik Lomonosov, the world’s only floating nuclear power unit (FNPU) so far, has started in Russia.
After getting necessary permission from Rostechnadzor, regulatory body of Russia, the stage by stage fuel loading started on July 25 at the Atomflot (subsidiary of Rosatom) base in Murmansk, according to a message received here on Monday.
Akademik Lomonosov will be based at Pevek in the Chukotka peninsula and will gradually replace the Bilibino NPP and the Chaunskaya CHPP to become main electricity supplier of the region.
Vitaly Trutnev, Director of Directorate for the Construction and Operation of Floating Nuclear Thermal Power Plants, a Rosatom’s subsidiary, said,“ Today, specialists have begun to implement one of the most important tasks – the stage-by-stage loading of nuclear fuel into reactor of unit-1 and to be followed by the same for unit-2. By the end of this year next key stages like physical launch of the reactors and beginning of complex mooring tests are planned, after obtaining appropriate Rostekhnadzor permits.”
Dmitry Alekseenko, Deputy Director of the same Directorate stressed on the security as the main requirement for the launch of the FNPU in Murmansk. “The Atomflot base has all the necessary infrastructure, specialists and competencies both for loading of nuclear fuel and for physical launch of reactors,” he said.
Next year, in 2019, the FNPU will be towed to and deployed at Pevek. Currently, all the necessary construction works are underway to create infrastructure on the shore, including a complex of buildings, hydraulic structures and a coastal platform, to ensure safe docking of the power unit and power supply. The power unit will become the main source of power in the northernmost part of the world, replacing the existing obsolete technology.

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